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Years of writing and I still don't know how to write about myself. Funny how that works. I'll try though!

The most important part is that I'm a huge nerd. It's bad. We're talking "I try to talk to people IRL about Linux" bad. I learned how to print when I was two years old, and it was a downwards spiral from there. I love computers, though, and wouldn't have it any other way.

Besides that, I'm into J-fashion, writing, reading, gaming, and manga. (Recently purchased my first Liz Lisa item after months of looking, which I'm very happy about.) I have lots of little interests that last for about two weeks and then go away into the void too, like any other disorganized person.

If you want to talk at all, feel free to message me on Discord at Natalie#4228 or on Revolt at @Natalie!

BTW, I use Arch