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>> December 5, 2021 - Trying the Fediverse

I decided to give the Fediverse a shot recently. It's really nice, actually!

The Fediverse is pretty popular around this place already, but for those who aren't too well versed in it, it's a decentralized social media platform that's similar to Twitter, but without all the other issues of Twitter. The Fediverse is made up of thousands of instances that can all communicate with each other. You choose an instance to make an account on, and go nuts on it. They each have their own rules and kinds of users as well, so you can pick what fits you best.

If you want a few instances to start from, I'd recommend FSE, Outer Heaven, Links, Shitposter Club, and The Wired. There's way more. Take your pick. Don't be afraid to make accounts over tons of instances.

Also, I'm more of a lurker there, but actual conversations seem to be possible there. I've seen huge neverending comment chains. If you actually wanna talk to others, you could simply scroll through new and find stuff.

I'll probably add onto this as I learn more. Get on the Fediverse! It's nice!

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