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>> July 22, 2022

today was a good day.

>> May 29, 2022

I'm basically god

>> May 16, 2022

Looked through old articles and started cringing. Expect article revamps soon TM. Not sure when I'll have time.

>> April 26, 2022

Today I feel happy with my site. Weird. I usually don't!

>> April 24, 2022

just one more thing before I go to bed:


>> April 24, 2022

talking about myself (for that germany post) felt weird. hmm. I have a backlog of posts I've been wanting to get around to that are less personal, luckily! I just need a bit of time to write more. the next three months are packed with stupid things to do all the time, aaa

>> March 6, 2022

oh god it's march and only now am I realizing that it's actually 2022 and not 2021, time is going too fast I'm scared

>> January 18, 2022

I don't know how to make this into a proper post yet, but I'm realizing more and more how people need to make things and be creative to be happy.

When I stop writing, working on this website, or stop doing creative anything I start hating myself. I thought this only applied to myself at first, but I've been giving this advice to friends over and over and it seems to be accurate for all of them. In order for my friend to be happy, she needs to be designing something. She's not much of an artist, but she's way into nail art and fashion. It's her outlet. In order for my other friend to be happy, she needs to bake. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

I can't tell you why it's important, but I intuitively know that people are meant to create, not consume.

>> January 17, 2022

I fixed it now. kinda. it's a little weird on mobile right now, but at least the site works the way it's supposed to lol

I really didn't learn my lesson from that first redesign but that's okay.

>> January 16, 2022

OH GOD I CAN'T MAKE WEBSITES FOR MY FUCKING LIFE. what the hell is this redesign? why do I need to make a footer at 101% length in order to avoid the box touching the bottom of the page? Why does it not matter if the box is too long? Why the fuck won't flex align-items work? AAAAAAAAAAAA

at least it looks cool. worst case scenario, I've saved the old website so I can reupload it.

>> January 7, 2022

5,000 views! damn, that's a pretty big number!

happy 2022 too <3

>> December 21, 2021

one more day of finals

>> December 5, 2021

>> November 18, 2021

too shy to write anything lately

>> September 19, 2021

>> September 19, 2021

My redesign was fucking rough. "Oh, it'll be easy. I'll just change a few colors and be done with it all". No. Lies. I spoke lies. I left so much garbage for myself to find. CSS tags that I only used for one line on the whole website. Font issues. Tags I never closed right. I swear to god every page I fixed had at least two eldritch monsters of my own creation.

It looks great now but goddamn I should have made this better the first time.

>> September 7, 2021

Took a music break for the last two weeks. Everything sounds so much better now. I'd highly recommend doing this if you've burnt out on all of your music.

>> August 31, 2021

Made a nerdy friend. Very happy about this.

Actually, I'm kinda surprised with how talkative I've been in general - I didn't expect to make very many friends this year, but I guess everyone got lonely after such a big lock down. I'm gonna have a karaoke day with people soon too!

>> July 16, 2021

I took a web design class a couple of years ago, and yet I still completely forgot to declare character encoding anyway. (Honestly, I've forgotten everything from that class, I'm a huge mess.) Thank god it's so easy to look up HTML stuff, but I was spooked when Japanese text was showing up so weird on Neocities compared to locally.

Not really sure what's next. Add more to the Linux section? Add a favorite artists section? I've got a month's worth of time to kill, so I'll probably come up with something.

>> July 15, 2021

First time I've made a personal site. I think it turned out okay, but I'll probably change a bunch of things around tomorrow. I'll probably finish the remaining two sections later. That's what I get for starting a website at 10 P.M. at night!

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