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>>November 20, 2021

I have no brain cells, oh my god

I was playing a game, and it crashed my display manager. I didn't feel like restarting the whole pc just to get back to a functional state, so I went into a virtual console and restart the display manager real quick. but I had to google to find that command, and it was something I knew I wouldn't remember. I figured I'd make a little file to remember useful commands like that without googling.

it's a fucking text file. how hard can it be, right? incredibly hard. please someone kill me, I'm so ashamed of this -

I made the text file and tested out navigating to it to see if it was easy to get to. no, the file didn't exist. so I went back to the actual file manager to see the problem. I found it and opened it and

all it said was :cryingcat:

instead of copying the text file, I had just made a new text file and pasted a crying cat discord emote into it. I don't even know how

take my computer away, I'm laughing so hard

>>November 18, 2021

too shy to write anything lately

>> September 23, 2021

I switched my Discord contact info to Revolt contact info. Revolt is a FOSS Discord replacement - I'm hoping to make it more common to post Revolt contact info, as the platform isn't very popular yet. If you want to check it out, go here!

>> September 19, 2021

>> September 19, 2021

My redesign was fucking rough. "Oh, it'll be easy. I'll just change a few colors and be done with it all". No. Lies. I spoke lies. I left so much garbage for myself to find. CSS tags that I only used for one line on the whole website. Font issues. Tags I never closed right. I swear to god every page I fixed had at least two eldritch monsters of my own creation.

It looks great now but goddamn I should have made this better the first time.

>> September 7, 2021

Took a music break for the last two weeks. Everything sounds so much better now. I'd highly recommend doing this if you've burnt out on all of your music.

>> August 31, 2021

Made a nerdy friend. Very happy about this.

Actually, I'm kinda surprised with how talkative I've been in general - I didn't expect to make very many friends this year, but I guess everyone got lonely after such a big lock down. I'm gonna have a karaoke day with people soon too!

>> July 16, 2021

I took a web design class a couple of years ago, and yet I still completely forgot to declare character encoding anyway. (Honestly, I've forgotten everything from that class, I'm a huge mess.) Thank god it's so easy to look up HTML stuff, but I was spooked when Japanese text was showing up so weird on Neocities compared to locally.

Not really sure what's next. Add more to the Linux section? Add a favorite artists section? I've got a month's worth of time to kill, so I'll probably come up with something.

>> July 15, 2021

First time I've made a personal site. I think it turned out okay, but I'll probably change a bunch of things around tomorrow. I'll probably finish the remaining two sections later. That's what I get for starting a website at 10 P.M. at night!