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Hi. I dreamed of having a personal website for ages, so I made one. I worked very hard on it, but all I got was pastel pixel garbage. So I made this instead. Now this looks like the cool, edgy website that it deserves to be.

I talk a lot about Linux here. I also have a few posts and links that you might find interesting. Look around and enjoy!

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September 19th - Complete site redo. I got rid of all the pink, and made it a nice dark purple. I think it looks a lot more put together than the old theme! While doing this, though, I removed the comment section as I couldn't find a way to make it look good. Like at all. It was bad. I'm sorry.

September 20th - I've separated the post section into a diary and longform post section! I figured it'd be better off separated instead of trying to make it all fit onto one page.

September 25th - I've redone the whole links section.

November 20th - New post is up. The Internet privacy guide has had some small changes made. And, most importantly, I've added comments back!

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