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>> October 6th, 2021 - Please Stop Faking DID

Is this a bad idea to post? It’s probably an awful idea. I’m posting it anyway.

I don’t expect this to actually make anyone stop faking this - it’s more of a vent than anything. But if it does, I’d be very happy.

One day, I came home from an MRI, and then listened to my friend vent about how her DID alters were arguing over what her phone wallpaper should be.

That’s a fucking dumptruck of a sentence. Let me explain it.

The MRI was because my memory had deteriorated so much that my therapists were scared something was physically wrong with my brain.

DID (dissociative identity disorder) is a complex mental disorder where people’s personalities split into different parts, known as alters, that have little to no memory shared between them. It's caused from severe childhood trauma. The main symptoms are amnesia, depression, and PTSD symptoms turned up to the max. These alters are usually seen as full blown personalities, but it’s professionally known that these are just parts of a whole personality, and are usually not dramatically different.

Basically, my friend was saying that a traumatic, terrible mental disorder was causing the personalities in her head to argue over wallpapers. I don’t think I need to go into an in depth explanation about how this is obviously a case of faking. I don’t know if it’s deliberate or accidental faking, but it’s very clear that this isn’t what mental disorders actually do.

I had been trying for two fucking years at that point to have a therapist even acknowledge my memory loss. I had a long, long history of dissociative symptoms, and knew it was related. It took me putting myself into danger multiple times while blacked out for a therapist to finally push to figure out what was wrong with me, leading to the MRI. Seeing what my friend said was like a brick in the face.

Therapists refuse to take even basic dissociative amnesia cases seriously anymore due to the huge influx of DID fakers. DID fakers pretend that their alters are closer to full blown people. They talk to themselves in Discord channels under different names, they sign off all of their posts with different names, they have different voices and change their outfits every five minutes, and much, much, more. Now, when a therapist hears a client report amnesia, they assume the person is trying to get a DID diagnosis, and tune out.

I realize this isn’t just the fault of the DID fakers, and the therapists themselves are also at fault. But it shouldn’t have had to escalate to me being in physical danger for me to believed, and it doesn’t change that DID fakers still had a huge part in creating this attitude in therapists.

I wish I was believed earlier. My brain is total mush now.