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Hi. I dreamed of having a personal website for ages, so I made one. I worked very hard on it, but all I got was pastel pixel garbage. So I made this instead. Now this looks like the cool, edgy website that it deserves to be.

I talk a lot about Linux here. I also have a few posts and links that you might find interesting. Look around and enjoy!

While you're on the home page, I'd like to say that if you are a lurker (actually, especially if you're a lurker) with no creative hobbies, I highly recommend starting one. Lots of internet addicts seem to have this feeling of emptiness that goes away once they get into a creative hobby. Write. Draw. Make a site. Doesn't matter. Make something of your own, and you will be happier! I'll get off my soapbox now and let you enjoy the site.

Updates - Please refresh with Ctrl + F5!

May 29 - Was very behind on buttons. Added some more :D

May 22 - New post. Edited an old one.

May 11 - New post. Also, I corrected a post title from Mastodon to Fediverse. Sorry about that!

April 26 - General site improvements. A bit better on mobile now. Different images on different pages. Changed contact info.

April 24 - New post!

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